Rubbed Raw

When Jack Waters passes by Kyle Wyncrest on the street, of course he's gonna try to grab his attention. But, when the two find out they're staying in the same hotel, they let their lust take over and have a wild night together. Nico Coopa needs to blow off steam, being a hardworking married guy. What better way to do that than to invite Ryder Owens for some sleazy motel sex? Jonathan Tylor is getting a massage from Nico Coopa. But when Nico does a great job, Jonathan's gonna want Nico to massage more than just his body. You know what's hot? Having sex in a sex swing? You know what's even hotter? Flip fucking in a sex swing. Elliot Finn and Johnny Ford know how to get down and dirty in this steamy scene.
Therapy Dick

In family therapy, patients work through their problems with a kind but tough relationship expert, who uses role-play behavioral therapy to deepen paternal and fraternal bonds. Our therapists help patients work through their issues with a problem-solving approach that never fails - dick! Dr. Jesse Zeppelin is in session with Shae Reynolds who hasn't been making much progress. Dr. Zeppelin suggests they try a new form of therapy called "bodywork psychology" which entails the good doctor touching different parts of Shea's body. Shae is so receptive to this therapeutic technique that he opens himself completely and experiences a real breakthrough! Jesse Stone visits therapist Dr. Myles Landon and confesses that he's been having inappropriate fantasies about his stepdad. Dr. Landon suggests they do a little roleplaying, so he can finally act out all these fantasies and get them out of his system before moving on. In the end, we're not sure who benefited most from this session, young Jesse or his naughty doctor! Trent Marx visits his therapist Dr. Jesse Zeppelin to try and work out some issues he has with his father. Dr. Zeppelin proposes that some role-playing exercises may help Trent get in touch with what's really bothering him. Turns out Trent wants to have a deep connection with his dad, and he chooses to do this by sucking on Dr. Zeppelin's hard cock! Jack Bailey pays a visit to his therapist Dr. Johnny Ford to discuss his relationship with his dad. Jack wants to find a deeper connection with his father, so Dr. Ford acts as Jack's father to allow Jack to tell his dad exactly how he feels. When Jack reveals he wants the relationship to be sexual, Dr. Ford indulges the young man and pounds his tight hole!
Bully Him 2

Watch as school bullies flex their muscles and "encourage" other boys into having hardcore sex! If your dick tingles at the thought of picking on a school boy, then this series is the one for you! Watchful teacher, Johnny Ford, trails a mischievious Cade Cooper to the restroom. Going off of a rumor, Mr. Ford needs to see if what the other students say about Cooper is true - here's hoping! Football jock Ian Holmes is ranting while being in the urinal next to geeky twink Lucas Cash. A few words from Lucas and Ian decides to release his frustrations by bullying and punishing Lucas! During a sex-ed course, student Cade Cooper seems aloof while teacher, Johnny Ford, discusses the female anatomy - but Cade's ears perk up when they get to the male anatomy! Nerdy guy Shae Reynolds gets stuck in detention with his bully Felix Fox. As soon as the teacher leaves them alone, Felix starts teasing and messing with Shae, who easily becomes Felix's sex toy!
Uncle Drew Fucked You Too

We ain’t seen Uncle Drew around here for a while. Seems he got himself into some legal trouble and had 90 days of free room and board courtesy of the local authorities. But now that he’s got his ass out of jail, he wants to get his dick into some ass. Zack Bishop is more than happy to turn around and take it. But the Trailer Trash Boys have all been busy. Johnny takes his boyfriend Dylan Hayes to a Fancy Ass Hotel, Michael Roman and Felix Fox wash a car and Micael gives Felix the hose, Cousin Devin and Bryce are back at it behind the shed and Cousin Jack and Shae Reynolds get caught by the foreman and fuck twice in an epic scene. That’s how we roll at lot 45.

Shh: Don't Wake My Boyfriend

Justin Matthews just got some exciting news: his girlfriend is pregnant! His friend Carter DelRey overhears this and wants to celebrate, but Justin isn't paying him any attention. If Carter wants to celebrate, he's gonna have to get to Justin his own way. Plus, some practice being a 'daddy' might be useful. Johnny Ford may be good with his hands, but he can't fix anything around the office. Luckily, there are handier men for that, and Sebastian Sky is one of them. He comes to service the sink and winds up getting serviced himself. Ryan Jordan is a horny guy who has to get it at all hours of the night. When his boyfriend won't give it up, Ryan brings in Liam Skye to satisfy his needs. They bang in the bed, careful not to stir Ryan's boyfriend. Justin Matthews wants his boyfriend Jim Fit to top him, and Jim isn't up for the challenge. Deciding to take matters into his own hands, Justin brings home David Skylar and makes Jim watch as David turns him out.
San Diego's Top Top

Elliot Finn and Brandon Anderson are sick of the same old mediocre hookup. They want to find guys on hookup apps who are worth the hookup. In order to do so, they're going to stop giving their asses up to everyone and only give them to guys who pass a rigorous five-point inspection. First up, Elliot takes on Shane Cook. Brandon Anderson is lucky to have a nerdy (and hot) roommate like Trevor Harris. Trevor has VR goggles that Brandon can't wait to try out. Brandon doesn't realize just how immersive a virtual reality session can be, but Trevor shows him all the special features. After going along with Brandon Anderson and Elliot Finn's 'inspection,' Johnny Ford is ready to fuck, but not before he asks Brandon what the deal is with the whole process. They have a debate over who has it harder: tops or bottoms? They settle on both of them having it, and liking it, hard. Nico Coopa thinks he's the hottest guy around, so when he finds out that his gay roommate Cody Viper doesn't find him attractive, he's absolutely baffled. No way he's not into Nico. If Nico wants to live up to his own expectations, he's gonna have to make Cody find him attractive.
Young Again

Mitch has a crush on his hot, young across-the-hall neighbor Jordan (Ricky Larkin). One night, after an awkward encounter with Jordan, Mitch has dark self-harm thoughts. Instead of taking his life, he opens a box of crystals and wishes that he was young again. The other day, his wish came true and became younger (Michael Del Ray). He takes advantage of the situation as he can, Mitch makes a play for Jordan. Was it a dream ? Todd has a filming fetish. He likes to invite good looking, sexually curious performers over to his house and then film them having hardcore anal sex. Today, Todd invites Johnny Ford and Michael Boston. He speaks candidly with them, asking them to tell his camera why they are here today. After variety of poses around the pool, Johnny and Michael are ready for sex.
Secret Sexcapades

Jack Bailey has it bad for Roman Todd, which is pretty bad considering Roman is Jack's stepfather. Jack wants more than a 'Stepdad With Benefits,' which is all Roman is willing to give. After Jack Bailey storms off to get his guts rearranged by Johnny, Trevor Harris is left on the couch to play video games alone. Jax Thirio knows a better way to keep his son's best friend busy and that's making sure that he busts a big, fat nut. Since Jack Bailey is pissed at his 'stepfather with benefits' Roman Todd, he's off to see his favorite service top, Johnny Ford. Jack goes to Johnny when he wants his back broken and Johnny is happy to give the cutie his cock. Uh oh! While Roman Todd is away, his husband Jax Thirio is playing with Trevor Harris. Roman comes home to find Jax fucking the tight twink and gives them some guff before joining in on the fun.
Family Dick 26

Mom's away and stepdad catches Jace balls deep in his personal pussy stroker, a smile spread's across daddy's face as he knows this guy's weekend is about to get even better. Stepdad wants to make a mold of his cock for his wife but he needs someone to help him get hard. Ryan gets caught jerking o by his nosy neighbor and there's only one way to keep the old guy quiet. When his neighbor learns that Tyan has a secret crush, it's like it's hunting season for Ryan's young ass!
Cock, Paper, Scissors

Get in the ring with Chris Damned and Beau Butler in this knockout scene. Chris delivers the one two punch as he beats Beau's hole up. What's better than a sunny California day beside the pool? Easy! A sunny California day beside the pool with Casey Everett and Dalton Riley. The guys enjoy the weather and each other's bodies in this boner filled Buddies. Fun buddies Brandon Anderson and Dacotah Red play multiple rounds of cock, paper, scissors that end up in Dacotah filling Brandon's ass with his big hard cock. Johnny Ford and Kyle Wyncrest have fun working out on the trail before coming home to have more fun sucking and fucking the afternoon away.
Take Him, Not Me

Couple Jordan and Max (Dakota Payne and Dante Colle) are house-sitting for a friend. They are about to have a romantic evening but everything changes when an intruder (Johnny Ford) breaks into the house. The intruder demands that they give him valuable items, which they do, but then the intruder decides he wants THEM as well. Jared (Carter Woods) is down-on-his-luck after a series of bad bets. He turns to his step-brother, Carson (Dante Colle), for help. Carson welcomes Jared into his home but admits what he hadn't told him before, that he's gay. Jared doesn't take the news well which changes Carson's affect and tries his patience. Jared will have to shift his perspectives... majorly.
Stretch Me Out Daddy

Angel Rivera, Avery Jones and Brock Banks are among the willing bottoms spreading their holes to take their daddies’ raw cocks. Austin Wolf opens Brock up while Sharok makes Angel gasp in excitement with every raw stroke. Johnny Ford’s thick cock finds a home in Avery’s warm hole and Edward Terrant rides Gabriel’s dick until he gets a creamy load. When it comes to getting pounded, these boys just have one thing to say: Yes Daddy!
Big Bro Little Bro Raw!

Watch as big bros give it hard to their little bros' tight holes. Johnny Ford heads up a cast of men pounding young butts in Big Bro Little Bro Raw. Dallas Preston is very vocal when he rides Kane Fox's hard cock, while Eli Bennet can't get enough of Tayte Hanson's tool. Also featuring Avery Jones, Roman Todd, and Zeke Wood, these bros sure know how to give each other a hand.
The Last Course

If you could invite all the men you've had sex with to the same dinner party, what would you do to them? You get to experience this fantasy with James Montgomery in The Last Course. James disappeared from public view over a year ago, but his legacy still impacts the six men he spent his life with. When they each receive a mysterious invitation in the mail, they have no idea that they are about to embark on a twisted journey to reunite with the man they all think they know.
Capitol Affairs

After the new President of the United States is finally sworn in, the bareback 'Capitol Affairs' begin. Boundary-pushing and award-winning directors Trenton Ducati and Jasun Mark show us how ten studs celebrate a new administration by relieving their sexual tensions. When Felix Fox hears the good news, he celebrates with his boyfriend Cade Maddox's cock up his ass. Delivery man Chris Damned shows up at the office to drop off his meaty package deep inside Adrian Hart's ass. While working on poses for his body building competition, Aaron Chu gets stuffed deep with Johnny Ford's throbbing muscle. After avoiding the insurgency, Cole Connor and Max Lorde find a hiding spot to fuck each other as hard as America had fucked them. After watching the inauguration, Tristan Hunter pounds Andy Taylor. If you're looking for patriotic fucks, horny protestors and deep, bareback poundings, get into these 'Capitol Affairs'.