Mickey Carpathio

Mickey Carpathio is a stud full of surprises. One time he's a bottom moaning hard and in the other he is barebacking a jock without mercy. Nothing seems to be above Mickey in his quest for cum as he's having sex with all the hottest studs!

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Bareback Cum Hounds

When it comes to sniffing out cum, no one gets a leg up on Stephen Harte, Drew Crawford or Alex Mason. These jizz sluts know where to find the biggest cocks to fill their holes and satisfy their aching needs. Luckily, Hans Berlin, Mickey Carpathio, Tony Bishop and Damon Andros can sniff out a good cum hound. Eager to mount the spooge-hungry whores, they fuck like dogs before giving the sluts the one thing power bottoms crave most. Cum. Because, you see, it’s all about seed cum and always will be. And if you identify with these jizz-craving, spooge-hungry man whores then welcome to the club, Bareback Cum Hounds!