Deymon Castillo

Deymon Castillo is what you might call a natural performer. Although he's quite new to the adult business this handsome and muscled hunk seems to have an innate ability to show off and entice us all with his handsome face and impressive physique. If you're wondering how a guy gets and maintains such an impressive build it probably won't surprise you if I say he works in fitness. We'd all love to have him helping us out at the gym. He gets to spend a lot of time every day working out and helping others to reach their goals. It might be that which makes him so horny all the time, too. He's not shy about his sexual appetite and he freely admits that he has a very active sex life. It probably helps that he's a versatile bi guy and very adventurous, he's always looking for a new experience and he loves hooking up with new people and trying new things. With his big uncut cock and a super hot muscle jock ass it goes without saying that he doesn't have to try too hard to find other guys and girls to play with. Outside of working out a lot he loves good food, good music, dancing, hanging out with friends and anything with an engine. He has an interest in motorbikes and cars and enjoys the thrill of speed on an open road. After meeting him for the first time we can't wait to see him back again and we hope he's going to be willing to explore a lot more with some of our other guys.

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