Nick Fitt

If you’re looking for a big, beefy All-American boy tonight, you’re going to love Nick Fitt. Returning to the adult industry after a ten year hiatus, Nick is a handsome, 6’1” gay male porn star who knows that good things come to those who wait – and he’s about to give you all of that and more, as Tonight’s Boyfriend. Wondering how Nick got that lean and fit body of his? When he’s not filming adult videos, Nick is a NASM certified personal trainer specializing in gaining lean muscle mass and full body transformations. He’s also a passionate about ending the stigma of HIV through PrEP advocacy, and is a strong advocate for trans rights. Not only that, but he’s also an entrepreneur, having recently launched his own sexy underwear line.

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A Stepbrother's Obsession

A Stepbrother's Obsession

Get Wet

When it's hot outside, sometimes the only way to cool off is to 'Get Wet'. That's exactly what director Tony Dimarco and his eight muscle studs do when they suck dick, eat ass, and fuck their buddies hard in the latest Falcon pool flick. It's a steamy day by the pool when tatted-top Vadim Black instigates some playful fun by stealing Devin Franco's speedo. Devin follows Vadim into the water where Devin offers up his tight hole for Vadim to fuck with his thick uncut dick. Steven Lee catches Skyy Knox's attention by pulling his thick cock out to lure the ripped stud into the pool. Steven's plan works, and Skyy ends up getting bent over to take Steven's thick dick in his willing hole. Tristan Hunter and Shane Jackson link up by the pool for some poolside fun. The two studs get hot and horny by flip-fucking before Tristan loads Shane's mouth with cum. Devin Franco is hungry for more cock, and he gets a mouthful and more from Steven Lee. Devin gets busy blowing Steven Lee to the base and doesn't stop until Steven takes over to return the favor. In the end, Devin gets his reward for a blowjob well done with a face full of cum. Nick Fitt throws water on Aaron Savvy while he's sunbathing, and he playfully joins the stud in the pool. Nick goes down for an underwater blowjob before bending over to take Aaron's giant dick in his tight hole. Aaron pounds away until Nick's face and body are covered in cum. Get to the pool and join the ripped studs of 'Get Wet' as they have their naughty fun in the sun.;D

Straight To Black

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