Jonas Jackson

Everything about Jonas Jackson is hot. He's a former Royal Marine, and he currently works as a Personal Trainer. He's bisexual too, and confident with showing off and performing for an audience. The active, sporty, hunky young man has just started his porn career, but we know he has the potential to go very far indeed!

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British hunk Paddy OíBrian leaves behind a tape for strapping stud, Damon Heart. Damon is glued to the screen as he listens to Paddy tell his sex story. Soon enough, heís transported into the story and canít believe whatís happening! He undresses Paddy and thirstily sucks on his thick cock until itís fully erect in his mouth and hitting the back of his throat. Then, he lays down and opens his asshole wide for pleasurable rimming followed by a hard drilling. Now, itís time for handsome, dark-haired stud Damon Heart to tell his own sex story, and heís chosen hairy, blue-eyed, Jonas Jackson, to help him act it out. Jonas gets right into it, whipping out his uncut cock for Damon to suck on. Horny Damon, then sits on his face spreading his cheeks so Jonas can dive in with his wet tongue before sticking his big dick deep inside his tight hole. Dark-haired stud, Damon Heart, watches his own sex story play out with beefy, Euro stud, Dato Foland. Dato bends him over and goes to town tongue fucking his eager hole; licking and fingering it open. Damon then gets his mouth stuffed full of Datoís hard, uncut dick slobbering and gagging until he canít take anymore. The only thing left for Damon to do after that is to prop his ass up for a dicking he so rightly deserves.

One Night in Manchester

When the legendary Chi Chi LaRue is in Manchester who should she run into by renowned UK porn star, JP Dubois! Heís on his way to meet a few of the lads down at the pub, so of course, he invites the notorious queen along. Once sheís surrounded by gorgeous British men, Chi Chi holds court and has each of them íkiss and tellí about some of their hottest hookups!