Sean Keys

Sean Keys, now 22, is a tall drink of water standing 6'5" tall and wears a 12.5 size shoe. He studied music and trained as Pianist. Sean also works as a Pyro-technician. A crazy combination but, he says he just likes to entertain people. I asked if he is straight; Sean says he is, but for if the money is right, he would consider doing something with another guy. The "right guy." Of course, I had to jump on that statement and Sean said "I can appreciate a good looking guy when I see one." But adds "that doesn't mean I'm going to go out on the weekend with him." A late bloomer, Sean didn't start masturbating until 7th grade; he was watching porn on his parents computer at the desk. He was rubbing his dick against the inside of the desk because it felt good and we all no what happens if you rub a cock long enough; Sean found out what semen was. He now considers himself a "friends with benefits" type guy. With a 7" dick to satisfy, Sean doesn't usually need to jack off; he just waits for a girl to call him up, "usually about once a week." This very intelligent young man has a great sense of humor and enjoys being the center of attention.

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