Dillon Anderson and Oliver Saxon bonded over some laser tag and other fun activities last night, and theyíre about to get even closer in the studio today as Dillon moves in for a kiss.† They make out and when Dillon invites Oliver to suck his cock, heís on that prick in no time, his lips and tongue moving gently over Dillonís dick and balls as he swings his ass around and lets Dillon rim his tight hole.†All that 69ing, rimming and fingering and these guys are hard and ready to fuck, Dillon bends Oliver over on all fours and fills his tight little ass up with his long shaft.† Oliver takes some deep breaths as Dillon gets deeper inside of him, pounding him hard with his bareback dick as Oliver turns around to kiss Dillon while he fucks him.† Dillon catches a break by letting Oliver climb on top of him and ride his cock reverse cowboy, sitting all the way down on that raw member as he thrusts his hips against Dillon.† Dillon flips Oliver onto his back and takes him hard, his balls slapping against Oliverís ass as he fucks him until both these guys drain their cocks of every last drop of cum!

Meet Tyler Cody - he's a brand new face for you and his biggest fantasy is to appear on camera - so today he's getting to live out his fantasy. The two start kissing which quickly leads to sucking cock. Tyler's body is amazing so it's easy to see why someone would want to worship it! His hole is then licked getting it ready for raw cock fucking. The two cum simultaneously proving what an intense fuck this was! Scotty has something very important he wants to share with his good friend Dillon so he invites him over via text message. Dillon shows up worried and curious as to what Scotty wants to talk about. They sit down and Scotty opens up to him and comes out of the closet. Dillon, surprised, wonders how he knows that he is gay and before you know it Dillon is taking Scotty step by step through the process of man fun. He starts him off slow with some hot kissing and eventually some sexy BJs. It's all new to Scotty but he loves every minute of it and now he wants to feel a cock deep inside of him. Dillon takes it easy on his ass and goes balls deep which begin the hot intimate sex. There is a fist time for everything and Scotty knocks it all out in one evening.
Dillon Anderson Fucks Oliver Saxon
dillon anderson oliver saxon
Tyler Cody & Dillon Anderson BAREBACK in Raleigh
tyler cody dillon anderson
Don't Tell My Brother
dillon anderson scotty blake




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