Axl and Nick Gunner from Active Duty has got to be one of the hottest duos I've seen lately. I don't think I've ever seen gorgeous Axl quite this horned up and excited before. The passion between these two was so thick, it seems like they forgot that they were being filmed. It only takes three minutes for the clothes to come off of these two beautiful men, and they start taking turns pleasing each other right away. This scene has some great kissing, oral and rimming, but what really makes it shine is Axl's thick rod filling up little Nick Gunner's tight hole. That part starts with Axl teasing Nick's hole with his staff, and progresses as he tops him in four positions and gets so excited that he comes twice!

I've been getting emails from you guys asking to see more of Nick Gunner and tonight we've got a great scene for you featuring this hot little stud.  I've also paired him up perfectly with our super sexy stud, Bric.  These two really hit it off on a long weekend shoot that we did recently and became fast buddies.  I knew just by the way they got along during that weekend that they'd be a perfect match that would end up being a smoking scene and I was right.  We are also treated to Bric's second time on bottom in this scene as they decide to flip-flop and fuck eachother.Things get started with me watching Nick shave in the bathroom.  I could watch him do anything and be entertained.  I'm not the only one that decides to join him in the bathroom as Bric soon walks in and eases up behind Nick and starts rubbing his big hard uncut cock up next to Nick's pretty little ass as he rubs all over Nick's gorgeous little body.  A big grin covers Nick's face as he continues to shave and enjoy the attention.  Once Nick feels that big cock rubbing up and down his back he reaches behind him and grabs it, stroking it with a huge grin.  He finishes shaving in record time and tells Bric he was about to get in the shower and invites him to join.Bric gets the water all nice and warm for the two of them and Nick hopes in when the temperature is just right.  His cock is rock hard already and it doesn't take him long to start jacking Bric's dick along with his own as Bric washes him down.  Bric says he's gonna get Nick all cleaned up and Nick smiles and says, 'yeah, I have been a little dirty lately.'  So cute!  They get into washing each other down and stroking each other's cocks as the steam builds.  Little Nick goes in for Bric's neck and starts planting kisses on his buddy and Bric returns with his own love pecks.  They lock lips for a kiss that is out of this world as the water cascades around them.  Their cocks are kissing too and Bric takes them, puts them together and jerks them as they continue to kiss.  You can feel the heat coming off the screen as their hot shower gets even hotter.Nick is the first to go for a taste and he's on his knees taking Bric's dick in his mouth as Bric enjoy's the water and the head.  Nick really starts getting into it and taking Bric's cock deeper, going faster and getting nice responses from Bric as he shows him his skills.  Nick looks up at Bric and asks, 'how does that feel?' with a grin as big as Texas.  Bric asks when he gets to return the favor and Nick assures him very soon.  Meanwhile little Nick is going to enjoy ever second he can worshipping the nice uncut beauty in his mouth.In a cute moment Bric takes Nick and stands him on the shower ledge, giving him direct access to Nick's big cock.  He starts working it with his mouth as he works his own cock with his hand as Nick looks down and watches him worship his cock.  We've got ourselves a perfect pair here, troops.  And Nick's cock must taste very good because Bric's cock never goes down.  It's standing at attention the entire time as he works his buddy's hot cock, giving it a polishing and deep throating it.  I get some good underneath shots of Bric stroking while he's sucking.What happens next is just what the doctor ordered.  Nick tells Bric he'd love to feel his hot tongue in his ass and Bric bends him over and gives him what he wants.  Bric gets right in there and tongues Nick's hole really good as Nick strokes his cock and tells him how good it feels.  Bric certainly isn't shy about eating that nice little hole and we get to watch him as he explores new territory with vigor.  I love a dedicated trooper and Bric is certainly proving that he's just that.Once he's gotten Nick's ass all hot and wet, Bric slowly starts working his big cock deep into Nick's tight ass.  Nick is taking it like a champ as Bric goes deeper and deeper and Nick strokes his hard cock to the feeling of that big cock in his hole.  He's giving us plenty of good moaning and great 'O' faces as Bric continues to plow his ass deep.  Nick can barely touch his hard cock without blowing his load all over the place so he jerks it a little then backs off, giving Bric plenty of time to fuck him good.They switch positions and Nick gets on his back as Bric fucks him standing on the ledge of the tub.  Nick's cock is still rock hard and he's stroking it  while Bric fucks him and rubs his chest and nipples.Things take a turn and Nick takes his turn on Bric's ass as he bends him over the tub.  Nick works his cock in that ass pretty fast and is pounding him in no time.  Bric is biting his bottom lip as Nick slams his ass.  He tells Nick what a big fucking dick he has as Nick takes it even deeper.  Bric starts stroking his own hard dick as Nick plows him harder.  It's obvious from how hard his cock is that he's really enjoying this cock in his ass.  I think we've got a truly versatile man in our boy Bric who seems to love it whether he's giving it or taking it.  His balls are nice and tight as Nick slams into him, going balls deep.It isn't long at this pace before Bric is ready to blow and he does just that as Nick fucks him harder and harder.  Once he blows his huge load Nick asks, 'Did you come for me, baby?'  Bric replies, 'You made me cum.'  And from there Nick goes for his cum shot and shoots it all the crack of Bric's freshly fucked ass.  They go for another hot kiss and it's a wrap! Today we are releasing a really hot five man scene featuring Bric, Rusty, Nick Gunner, Zander and Dustin.  This was a really fun shoot for everyone and we get to see some crazy antics with the guys playing around before the hot sex gets underway.  The 'man cave' proves the perfect spot for this to all go down and provides the atmosphere for the guys to play around and be goofy.Things get started with me joking around with Rusty as he walks around with a hard cock sticking out of his pocket.  I tell him that I don't believe him and he pulls it out to prove me wrong.  I tell him to put it away and then move over to Dustin to get him to show us his perfect bubble butt.  There's something about that beautiful little butt that just drives me crazy.  I tell him it's time for him to get up on the bar as I joke around with Bric.  At breakfast earlier that morning Bric was walking around the kitchen with his butt crack sticking out.  He shows us his breakfast butt and I move on to Zander who's sporting a nice impression of his hard cock through his jeans.  I convince him to show us and he gives us a nice showing of that delicious dick.  Zander and Rusty stand side-by-side showing off their cocks through the top of their pants and then pull out their nuts through their zippers.  They pull them out and their cocks kiss.The guys are now discussing the cost of hookers and how much they might charge for five guys.  The night before I had teased Bric about getting him a stripper and today I tell him the stripper is here.  Bric says he's excited and I bring out the stripper.  Dustin starts slowly crawling down the bar in a camouflage thong, collecting tips.  Sometimes you have to improvise and Dustin proves that he can shake it as good as any stripper can.  The guys happily tip him as he moves up and down the bar shaking his ass.  The guys throw their money and 'make it rain' and Dustin keeps on shaking it.Nick Gunner joins the fun and gets on the bar with Dustin to help him entertain the others.  They are having a lot of fun with this.  In fact, Nick Gunner's cock gets rock hard as he dances.  He slowly pulls his boxers down to reveal his perfect little ass and they convince Bric to climb up on the bar with them.  Now we've got three hot fuckers stripping for us.  Rusty and Zander keep throwing the tips as all three guys get butt ass naked.  You'll feel like you're right there getting a private dance yourself.Things soon go from stripping to sucking as all the guys get up on the bar and Dustin starts going down on Bric's hard cock.  Nick Gunner and Rusty are stroking their cocks as they watch Dustin service Bric's dick.  Bric gets Dustin to stand up as he takes his turn on Dustin's cock and strokes his own.  Meanwhile Nick Gunner is enjoying Rusty's hot mouth on his cock as Zander strokes Rusty's cock and watches him chow down on Nick's big dick.  Before you know it they're all in a tangle and everyone is either getting their cock sucked or tasting someone else's cock. The positions are hot and ever changing as everyone takes their turns getting and giving.They form a human centipede leaning to the right as Bric sucks Dustin, Dustin sucks Nick Gunner, Nick Gunner sucks Rusty and Rusty sucks Zander.  After some good sucking in this position Bric yells 'left face' and they switch again.  No one is left out on this formation.  But it isn't long before Zander decides he wants to fuck Rusty's ass and this starts a whole new fire in the room.Bric bends over and takes Dustin's cock up his ass as he sucks Nick Gunner's cock while Zander keeps fucking Rusty's tight ass.  The fucking gets loud and intense and soon Bric is ready to blow his load all over the place while Dustin pounds away at his ass.  Once he blows his load he's all about helping Nick Gunner get his and Nick Gunner works himself up to a huge fucking cumshaw that shoots in ropes across Bric's back, splattering all over Dustin in the process.  Dustin follows Nick's lead and blows his load all over Bric's hot ass.Zander and Rusty are up next and Zander keeps plowing Rusty's ass until he's ready to shoot.  Rusty gets down on his knees in front of him and takes his hot jizz all over his face.  Zander returns the favor and takes Rusty's load all over his face as the other fellows cheer him on.
A Match Made In Porn Heaven: Axl & Nick Gunner
axl (active duty) nick gunner
Bric & Nick Gunner
bric (active duty) nick gunner
Bric, Dustin, Nick, Rusty & Zander
bric dustin nick gunner

Fraternizing Forces 2 features a scene that is so sizzling, it might just burn out your computer or movie player. It includes Axl and Nick Gunner's

The guys of Active Duty's Fraternizing Forces are here, with two hot fucks and two hot solos just for you. Gorgeous Bric is fresh out of the Navy and makes his solo debut and sexy follow up with Kai in Ready Reserves. Also includes new recruit Rusty in his first solo and divine threeway with returning hotties, hung Blake and little Nick Gunner, where all three bottom. Dink Flamingo presents Doubletime 10 from Active Duty Productions. Six more sexy soldiers, including three new recruits, star in three hot due scenes. Watch them sucking each other's dicks, licking each other's asses, then spread their cheeks wide for an anal pounding. Plus, Nick Gunner and Korbin both lose their bottom cherries!





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